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Our company

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Our company

The company INSAFOR SL was incorporated in 1978, its main activity being the Electrical and Plumbing facilities, as well as the sale of Appliances. The development of the main activity was initially developed at Av. Pla del Rei 56, in San Francisco Javier (Formentera).

During these 35 years of business activity, various Electrification projects have been carried out, as well as facilities of all kinds, both in the area of Electricity and Plumbing.

We were one of the pioneers in the implementation of photovoltaic and thermal solar systems, since with the supervision of Gesa technicians we successfully carry out several solar thermal energy projects for different hotels and apartment groups.

Today, in our company we continue with the same interest as in the year of its foundation.

INSAFOR SL continues to carry out all kinds of electrical and plumbing installations, from small repairs to medium voltage lines.

Since 2001 we are An Endesa, Technical and Commercial Service Point, for this purpose, in our company, in addition to qualified personnel for work in height and tension, in INSAFOR SL we have an Industrial Engineer and a Technician in Telecommunications.

In order to offer a better service, in our company, we have three points of customer service:

  • In Venda des Brolls 960, ENDESA customers are served, as well as they are oriented in everything related to A/ A-Heating Endesa, in addition to offering Lighting products in general.
  • In the Carmen Building, locatedĀ Venda des Brolls 960, you can purchase any type of appliance and household utensils
  • On the road of La Mola, Km 4.5m we have the central warehouse and Offices of Administration, Accounting and Engineering. We also offer you all kinds of Electricity and Plumbing products.

On this website you will find all kinds of information about each of our activities.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.